IP protection classes

Overview table of the degrees of protection against dust and water
Definition of the protection classes against DUST and WATER: According to EN 60529 the protection against the penetration of foreign bodies and humidity is characterized according to a fixed code. This code consists of the letters IP followed by 2 numerals. The first numeral indicates the degree of protection against dust, the second numeral informs on the protection against water. The numerals indicate the degree of protection as per the table below.

1. numeralDegrees of protection against dust2. numeralDegrees of protection against water
0Not protected0Not protected
1Protected against solid foreign bodies of 50 mm Ø and larger1Protected against dripping water
2Protected against solid foreign bodies of 12,5 mm Ø and largergrösser2Protected against dripping water if the housing is inclined at an angle of up to 15°
3Protected against solid foreign bodies of 2,5 mm Ø and larger3Protected against spray water
4Protected against solid foreign bodies of 1,0 mm Ø and larger4Protected against splash water
5Protected against dust5Protected against jets of water
6Dust-tight6Protected against strong jets of water
7Protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water
8Protected against the effects of long-term immersion in water
Example: A device with the degree of protection (protection class) IP 66 is dust-tight (6) and protected against strong jets of water (6). The higher the numeral, the better the protection.

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